With disruption changing the way we work, learn and socialise, face-to-face learning must transform in tandem. The Malaysian Simulation and Gaming (MASAGA) Conference is a platform that will provide an interactive experience on the use of active learning methods to increase engagement, enhance retention and improve performance of learners. 

With content being easily and readily accessible, the context of learning using games and simulations will require a renewed emphasis to create a quality learning transformation. Whether it is a technical or non-technical training/education, using well-designed simulations and learning games have been found to challenge and engage learners into comprehending and being motivated in practising newly-acquired knowledge and skills.

The MASAGA Conference is primarily targeted for:
• Corporate Trainers
• Educators
• Researchers
• Instructional Designers
• Game Developers
• Performance Improvement Specialists
• Learning and Development Practitioners
• Human Resource Practitioners

The 2019 Conference with its theme “Playful Methods, Serious Results” will showcase a great line-up of sessions conducted by practitioners of simulation and learning games. These sessions will allow participants to brainstorm, collaborate, and play games with a focus on learning and improving results within their area of control.

The MASAGA Conference is endorsed and supported by the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) which is made up of a network of professionals dedicated to the design, implementation and evaluation of games and simulations to improve learning results.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of what happened at MASAGA 2018!

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